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Battery Recovery, Reconditioning Desulfation and Maintenance... Made Easy!

Battery Reconditioner, Battery Desulfator, Battery Rejuvenator Restore or Maintain Your Lead Acid Batteries in Top Condition



What does the Battery Extra do?

• It saves you money

• Restores battery performance.

• Rejuvenates and recovers all types of lead acid batteries

• Maintains your batteries in top condition at all times.

• Removes sulphate build up on the battery plates.

• Extends battery life and delays the battery’s aging process.

• Fully automatic operation, and very simple to set up.

The Battery Extra is an electronic reconditioner desulfator designed to recover and rejuvenate LEAD ACID BATTERIES, typically used in cars, golf carts/buggies, forklift trucks, boats, RV’s, motorhomes, mobility vehicles, large trucks, electric vehicles, standby power packs, solar and wind systems, that are sulphated. We have 5 separate models that will work on any lead acid battery or battery pack of 12 volts to 120 volts and up to 3,000Ah. It will also maximise the cycle life of new or good batteries.

Each Battery Extra desulfator model is built and EMC tested to World standards and so will not interfere with any other electronic devices you may have fitted. There compact size makes them very simple to fit via the connectors supplied with each unit. The Battery Extra is the only desulfator approved for sale on the Caravan and Camping Club website.

We are so confident in the ability of the Battery Extra to improve your batteries capacity we offer you a 100%, 60 day full money back guarantee, including the return costs. So in effect you are getting a free trial of our product, no ifs or buts, if it does not work for you, we give you your money back. Plus every desulfator has a 3 year product warranty, should your Battery Extra fail for any reason we will repair or replace it free of charge.

This is not a short term improvement; once your batteries have been recovered by leaving the unit attached it will continue to work, substantially extending the life of your batteries by keeping them in top condition.

This is the very latest design in battery regeneration products, housed in an aluminium corrosion resistant case designed to dissipate any heat generated by the recovery process. The Battery Extra creates up to 10 times more current than many of the cheap plastic cased products you will see on the Internet.
This product works; see the customer comments on our testimonial page, now you can try it for yourself.

Note: The battery Extra is not a battery charger; it works in conjunction with your existing charger to maintain your batteries in top condition.

Why will the Battery Extra help me?

Replacement batteries cost a lot of money and everybody knows that batteries wear out over time. What most people don’t know is that more than 75% of lead acid batteries fail because of sulphate build up on the cells, not because they are worn out. Sulphate build up increases the internal resistance of the battery, reducing its capacity and leads to premature battery failure. Sulphated batteries can now be successfully recovered saving the cost of expensive replacements. You can also stop sulphate build up on new batteries which could double the life of your batteries; in effect this will reduce your battery costs by 50%.

The main causes of sulphate build up on lead acid battery cells are: Batteries sitting too long between charges, storing batteries without charging, undercharging batteries, low electrolyte level and incorrect charging levels.

The problem of sulphate build up on lead acid batteries has been known about for a long time, and battery charger manufacturers have been adding what is called a “pulse circuit” to their high end chargers to help overcome the problem, calling them charger conditions and charging very high prices for them.

You will also see these pulse circuits or pulsers advertised from around US$15 (£20) these very low cost devices are generally built from 15 to 20 year old circuit designs (antiques in electronic terms) that are free to download on the internet, they may help a little but don’t fully solve the problem. Most of these pulse circuit devices send a high voltage current into the battery which will break down some of the sulphate build up on the positive battery plate but the high voltage spikes they generate will also damage the battery in the long term.

How the Battery Extra Works

The Battery Extra was developed to fully clean the plates of all the sulphate crystal build up, without the need for the damaging high voltage spikes, and return them to a fully working condition. It also to eliminate sulphate build-up on new batteries keeping them in top condition, ensuring they have the maximum possible life span. It works during both the charge and discharge phase of the battery cycle.

The Battery Extra can be permanently attached to any lead acid battery or battery pack. It uses a small amount of power from the battery to extend the life of new batteries. It also revives many weak or old batteries that are thought to be dead or need replacing. Alternatively you can de-sulphate one bad battery or set, and then just move it on to the next battery

The battery Extra works by creating a wide range of low voltage frequency signals, that are designed to dissolve the sulphate crystals that build up on both the negative and the positive plates of a lead acid battery. It is this sulphate build up that reduces the batteries capacity. Gently dissolving the sulphate crystals back into the electrolyte, lowers the internal resistance of the battery, and raises the specific gravity. This ensures that you keep, or return, your batteries to their maximum capacity. It works during both charge and discharge with no need for a special charger or any external power supply.

The Battery Extra will work on all types and brands of lead acid battery, including GEL, AGM, Maintenance Free, Deep Cycle, Sealed and Leisure. Depending on the condition of the batteries this can take from a couple of cycles to 20 or more.

Whilst the Battery Extra is successful in recovering all sulphated batteries it will not recover batteries with damaged or dried out cells.

In addition to recovering sulphated batteries, by fitting the Battery Extra to your battery or battery bank you can extend life of good batteries.

What the Battery Extra battery desulfator cannot do is recover batteries that have shorted or damaged cells. We recommend that you check for damaged cells before using the Battery Extra.

Videos of the Battery Extra in use, posted by our customers on YouTube

This is an edited video posted by Glenn, from Florida USA, showing the results of using the Battery Extra on his solar Battery bank.

To see the full video and Christopher’s other videos CLICK HERE

Glenn is not connected in any way to Battery Extra Ltd. except as a customer. For full details on all of the Battery Extra models visit our products page.

This is an edited video posted by Christopher, from Nigeria, showing the Battery Extra EX01 being used to recover a 12 volt battery.

To see the full video and Christopher’s other videos CLICK HERE

Christopher is not connected in any way to Battery Extra Ltd. except as a customer. For full details on all of the Battery Extra models visit our products page.

This is an edited video posted by Chris, from Australia, showing a Battery Extra EX02 in use on a very large solar battery bank of SLA batteries.

To see the full video and Chris's other videos CLICK HERE

Chris is not connected in any way to Battery Extra Ltd. except as a customer. For full details on all of the Battery Extra models visit our products page.

For more Videos of the Battery Extra search YouTube using “battery extra desulfator”


"I am happy to confirm that the unit has returned some heavily sulphated batteries to around 80% and as such we are very happy."
Caravan and Camping Club UK.

"I have been using 2 of these units for the past 6 months. One is connected to my motorhome vehicle battery and the other connected to the leisure batteries All three batteries are at least 3 years old and have been improved by the use of the units that are hard wired into the battery circuits".
John H UK.

"Does the job simply and well. Highly recommended".

"After 12 Rounds And Recharges My 2012 Trojans Are Like New Again AAAAA Great."
Keith, Queensland.

"I have used one on my battery bank which has 2nd hand batteries and it has made a huge difference in there storage capacity."

"Hi, thanks for the Battery Extra 36/48 it is working fine and saved my golf buggy batteries. This is another order for 12/24 for my sister as she was very impressed, so all good. Thanks"
Les, New South Wales.

"This really does work, tested on a few batteries worked on all"
Phil, Barry Wales



When you buy a Battery Extra battery desulfator from us you are not just buying a product, you are buying into our technical expertise, you have the backing of engineers with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of batteries, and advanced battery management systems.

Besides the Battery Extra battery desulfator our technicians have designed and built battery management systems for hand held devices and many different electric vehicles including bikes, cars and motorcycles.

If you have any technical questions about the Battery Extra or just need advice or help with your batteries or battery pack just send us an e-mail to batteryextra@btconnect.com or phone us or use our contact form.


Please note: the Battery Extra desulfator is not a battery charger, it works in conjunction with your existing charge system.

Works With All Types of Batteries

The Battery Extra works with all types of lead acid batteries found in:

Solar Systems - Boats - Motorhomes - RV's - Electric Cars - Golf Buggies / carts - Forklift Trucks - Electric Bikes - Cars - Planes - Trucks - Back Up Power Supplies - Snowmobiles - Trains - Mobility vehicles - Farm vehicles - Electric fences

Check out our battery basics page for some basic information regarding the use, maintenance and selection of Lead Acid batteries.


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